This department provides the following services:

Lien Searches for Residential & Commercial Properties

We conduct searches for open code violations, open building permits, liens, and unsafe structure cases.

Issuance of Initial Business Licenses

A Business License is required for any business that maintains a permanent business location or branch office within the city and/or managing any profession or occupation within the city. Home based businesses are also required to register and obtain a Business Tax Receipt as long as the principal address on SUNBIZ is located within the City of Miami Gardens.

Code/Zoning Inspections for Businesses

Inspections are conducted on all business locations to ensure compliance with the City's zoning and other regulatory ordinances.

Annual Business License Renewals

The division process renewals for Local Business Tax Receipts and Certificates of Use which expires September 30 of each year.

Issuance of Initial Landlord / Tenant Permits

We process and issue initial Landlord/Tenant permits which are required of every owner of a dwelling or dwelling unit within the City, on leasing, subleasing and renting. Landlords are also required to obtain a national background check for all tenants over the age of 15. 

Annual Landlord / Tenant Permits

We process and issue renewals for Landlord Permits which expires on March 31 of each year.

Re-Occupancy on Home ownership Transfers

The division processes and issues Certificates of Re-Occupancy prior to the purchase, sale, conveyance and transfer of title, relating to any single family condominium, duplex, triplex, townhouse dwelling unit, or apartment complex consisting of four or more units. Re-Occupancy Certificates are not issued unless the applicant is in compliance with all City requirements (Warning Notices, Civil Violation Notices, unsafe structure violations, open building permits, and liens, etc.).

Minimum Housing Inspections

The City's Housing Officer conducts inspections of dwellings to ensure compliance with the City's Code and ordinances.

Lien Amnesty for Single & Multi-Family Housing

The City's Lien Amnesty Program allows property owners to pay a reduced amount of the total accrued fines for properties that are in full compliance.

Lien Reductions for Commercial Properties

The division processes requests from Commercial Property Owners for reductions on outstanding liens on commercial properties. The reduced fines are approved by the City's Special Master upon consideration of the City's recommendation.

Vacant Property Registration  

Properties that are vacant and abandoned often become areas for conducting unfavorable activities. As a consequence, these properties are tracked through a system called vacant registry; so that questionable activity can be reported to the relevant agencies. All vacant properties within the City of Miami Gardens must be registered through