Flood Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificate Service

The City of Miami Gardens has a free service for its residents and business owners. Residents and business owners are able to access Elevation Certificates online for new structures in the City.

Why is Having an Elevation Certificate Important?

An Elevation Certificate lists the floor elevations and flood zones for new buildings in the City. This Certificate can assist citizens in getting an accurate quote for flood insurance in the City. It also lets the owner or operator of the structure know the level of risk from flooding that exists for that structure. Finally, the Elevation certificate shows whether a structure is lower than the current required elevation, where the so-called 50% rule applies. This rule states that if a structure is in a flood zone and is damaged or improved to more than 50% of its market value, it must be elevated to the current required height.

Please read the following important facts about this new service before you access the program:
  • The City of Miami Gardens has only been keeping Elevation Certificates for new construction on file since February 2008. If your house or business was built before 2008, it is not likely we will have an Elevation Certificate for that structure. You are still invited to try your property address as you wish.
  • The City of Miami Gardens and its employees, council members and Mayor are not held liable for any of the information found in the Elevation Certificate, or any actions taken based on the information provided. The City is simply providing a public service by making the Elevation certificate available. The City of Miami Gardens does not vouch for the authenticity of Elevation Certificates; please contact the surveyor who performed the service for any questions on elevations certified and other information provided on this form. A City telephone contact is also provided in the "Flood Disasters" section of this page.
  • The City is continually updating its list of Elevation Certificates, and new features for better access will be added in the future.
  • The Elevation Certificates in this program are not considered official City documents; they are only provided for public information purposes.

Three Simple Steps to Access Elevation Certificates

  • You will need to know the Folio Number of the property you wish to check. If you do not have the Folio Number, this number can be found on the warranty deed or other property records, or you can go to the Miami-Dade County's web page, and access the Tax Appraiser's Office for this number.
  • With your Folio Number in hand, view the Elevation Certificates.
  • The Certificates are listed in numerical order; scroll through the list until you find your Certificate. If you do not find your Elevation Certificate, it simply means the City does not have it on file yet.
If you do get an Elevation Certificate on your own, please forward a copy to the City. We want to have as complete a list of these important documents as we can, to better serve our residents and businesses! Please call or Email the Floodplain Administrator if you have an Elevation Certificate you would like to submit, or for more information.