Flood Facts

The following are useful facts about Floods:
  • 25% of flooding occurs outside areas formally designated as being flood prone (i.e. Special Flood Hazard Areas).
  • 90% of all presidential-declared U.S. natural disasters involve flooding.
  • Communities particularly at risk are those in low lying areas, coastal areas, or downstream from large bodies of water.
  • Contents coverage can be purchased under the same policy, but with a separate premium. Contents coverage limitations are $100,000 for residential, and $500,000 for commercial properties.
  • Even minor flooding can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in losses and repairs.
  • Flood damage is virtually never covered by standard homeowners insurance.
  • Flood insurance purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is relatively inexpensive (the average premium for $100,000 coverage is a little over $550 per year at this writing).
  • Floods are the most common and widespread of all natural disasters outside of fire.
  • Floods occur in all 50 states (they can occur any time, anywhere).
  • Florida residents and businesses hold more than 40% of all flood insurance policies in the nation.
  • Limits to coverage are $250,000 for residences, and $500,000 for businesses.
  • Nation-wide, flooding caused more than $4 billion a year in losses and 2,200 deaths in the 1990s.
  • Please note there is a 30-day waiting period when purchasing flood insurance, so plan ahead!
  • There is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30 year mortgage (more than 6 times the likelihood of a fire).
  • Today NFIP insures more than 4 million policyholders in more than 19,000 communities in the U.S.
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