Police Department


Emergency: 911
Address (24/7 access): 18611 NW 27th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Front Desk (General Information): 305-474-1463
Dispatch Center & After Hours City Services: 305-474-MGPD (6473) 
Request a police officer/report information about city services - on weekends, holidays and after 5:00 pm weekdays.

Office of the Chief 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Noel-Pratt, Delma K. Chief of Police 305-474-1400  
Coney-Brown, Audrey Deputy Chief of Operations 305-474-1407  
Carter, Ricky Deputy Chief of Investigations 305-474-1420  
Nargiso, Joseph Assistant Chief of Administrative Support Services 305-474-1433  
Simmons, Talibah Commander 305-474-1678  
Gleason, Erik Commander 305-474-1621  
Dixon-Scott, Nicole F. Police Legal Advisor    


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Schaefer, Joseph Citizen Police Academy & Junior Citizen Police Academy 305-474-1494  
Jeanty, Emmanuel Police Explorer Program 305-474-1644  
Diversion, Coordinator Pre-Arrest Diversion Program 305-474-1647  
Jackson, Wanda Police Chaplain Program 305-474-1533  
McCloud, Ralph Teen Court Program 305-375-5661  
Gleason, Erik SafeCam Program 305-474-1621  
Gleason, Erik See Something Say Something Program 305-474-1621  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Manning, April Background Checks 305-474-1413  
Manning, April Fingerprinting Services 305-474-1413  
Brent , Karen Victim Advocate Service 305-474-1490  
Mirabal-Urra, Edyleidy Victim Advocate Service 305-474-1674  
Manning, April Police Reports 305-474-1413  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Vinson, Anthony Cry Wolf Unit 305-474-1392  
Schaefer, Joseph Violent Crimes Unit 305-474-1494  
Gonzalez, Juan Street Crimes Unit 305-474-1447  
Young, Kamilah Administrative Assistant 305-474-1407  
Bradshaw, Lisa Professional Compliance Unit 305-474-1548  
Kidder, Heather Career Criminal Unit 305-474-1643  
Whyne, Cheryl Court / Off-Duty Unit 305-474-1412  
Delancy, Willard Crime Scene Investigations Unit 305-474-1521  
Zellner, Joseph Street Crimes Unit 305-474-1622  
Simmons, Talibah Professional Compliance Unit 305-474-1678  
Morris, Jacqueline Property & Evidence Unit 305-474-1459  
Gleason, Erik Real Time Crime Center 305-474-1621  
Manning, April Records Unit 305-474-1413  
Espinosa, Samuel Training Unit 305-474-1572  
Castro, Joseph Auto Theft / Economic Crimes Unit 305 474-1587