What's the Building Permit process?
When your contractor/design professional submits the application package, a Permit and Licensing Clerk will check your application for accuracy and completeness. When completed, a building permit or notice that corrections are required can be obtained within 15 working days. If you are doing work that only requires one trade (i.e. electric only or plumbing only), your permit turnaround time will be shorter. For example, if you are only adding electrical outlets, you will only need an electric permit. If you are doing some electrical and plumbing work, you will need a General Contractor and your electrician and plumber will be subcontractors. If corrections are needed, your contractor/design professional will be notified and told to come in and pick up your plans to be corrected. Once the corrections have been made, the plans must be resubmitted for a second review. Most construction requires review by three to seven different reviewers (Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Zoning, Building, DERM, Fire, and Public Works). If everything is in compliance, and no corrections are necessary, turnaround should be within 15 business days, depending on the project size.

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