Homeless Prevention

GOAL: To reduce the occurrence of homelessness.

We know how scary it can be to teeter on the edge of homelessness. The City has engaged Volunteers of America (VOA) in collaboration with Miami Dade County Homeless Trust, to provide the necessary intervention. Additionally, we partner with various entities on a number of resources to help you explore all possible options to discuss housing options and alternatives. Click here for Community Resource Centers

Types of Assistance

  • In the last six months, calls to the Homeless Trust's hotline have hit record highs, with more than 13,000 callers requesting the options of "help with facing a court eviction, a notice to vacate, or at imminent risk of homelessness."
  • To assist the many individuals and families with housing needs, the Homeless Trust has worked alongside Camillus House to create a website with real-time updates regarding available financial, legal, and community support. Click here for website.
  • Call 1-877-994-4357, select your language of choice and press #1 for more information.
  • Additional Resources: Please visit www.stopevictionnow.org