Email Permit Submission

Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 Single Review Permit submission will be accepted via email. The Permits & Plans Submission Change (PDF) per the Emergency Declaration.

A drop-off area will be designated in the vestibule of the East Entrance. All submittals must be accompanied by a Transmittal Sheet Drop Off Transmittal Form (PDF). Please allow two (2) business days to receive an email receipt of submittal. All payments must be done online. 

For corrections of plans or permit pickup please call 305-622-8027 or email permit clerks from the Building staff directory.

Consultations are available by phone or email inspector/plan reviewers on staff listing. No in-person meetings will take place. 

Questions? Please contact 305-622-8027.

Please send your application to the Online Permit Email Address with all attachments.

Reworks Notification

Effective immediately, reworks will no longer be accepted via email. All documents requiring corrections will need to be retrieved from the office and resubmitted at the office.