Recent Accomplishments

Rehab Projects

Since 2006, rehabilitation has completed over 111 homes to remove health and safety hazards, bringing homes in compliance with the current building codes. View Rehab Projects (PDF) completed by program type.

Over $3.3 million in CDBG funds has been used for rehabilitation of owner-occupied single-family homes in the City. View a breakdown Funds Used for Rehab (PDF) projects.

Public Service

The City has awarded over $363,000 to not-for-profit community based organizations to provide public service activities to resident in the City. View the Funding Amounts Disbursed (PDF)under our Public Service programs.

In the Public Services programs, we have awarded over $106,200 for services to the elderly and more than $146,500 for youth programs. Also included in the Public Service category, is our homeownership assistance program wherein, $85,000 was used to assist homeowners in the purchase of a new home. View Public Service Program Expenditures (PDF).

Loan Funds

In addition to the accomplishment indicated on the charts, the commercial redevelopment program has provided over $320,137 in loan funds to small businesses for commercial redevelopment and facade improvements. The City also has an infrastructure improvement program that is in process. These improvements will result in new storm water drains, roadways, and street lighting for three neighborhoods in the community.