header image with the American flag, Miami Gardens police Department patch, and three police motorcycles

Operations Division

The City of Miami Gardens Police Department is guided by a mission statement that invokes a strong partnership with the community. The Operations Division is the "uniformed, first-responder" division consisting of 4 Captains, 14 Sergeants, 100 officers, and 11 Support Personnel. The division staffs 4-12 hour shifts, each shift commanded by a Captain. This Division responds to over 130,000 calls for service annually. Officers conduct preliminary criminal investigations, plan and coordinate public safety at special events, investigate all vehicle crashes, search for missing persons, respond to life-threatening medical calls, and all other emergency and non-emergency calls.

Each Captain is responsible for 3 squads, each squad is supervised by a Sergeant. Officers are assigned to one of 3 geographic areas, located within the 20 square miles of the City of Miami Gardens, based on crime pattern analysis that is updated every 2 weeks. Included in this City of nearly 110,000 residents, are Calder Casino and Race Course, Sun Life Stadium, Florida Memorial University, and St. Thomas University. An Administrative Assistant is responsible for issuing all Public Music and Broadcast permits.

The Division also includes the Department's canine unit. The Canine Unit consists of a Sergeant and 4 K-9 Officers who work with dogs specially trained to seek out illegal narcotics, explosives, and assist in searching buildings and tracking criminal suspects.