header image with the American flag, Miami Gardens police Department patch, and three police motorcycles

General Contact Information

Police Headquarters Address (Public Access 24/7) 1020 NW 163 Drive, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Dispatch Center (Request a police officer) 305-474-6473
After Hours City Services (Request help / report information about city services - on weekends, holidays, and after 5pm weekdays) 305-474-6473
Emergency DIAL 911

Main Phone Lines

Front Desk (General Information) 305-474-1463
Records Unit (Request Reports & Schedule Fingerprinting) 305-474-1413 http://p2c.mgpdfl.org (website)
Tips Line (Anonymous-Caller May be Eligible For Cash Reward)
305-471-TIPS (8477) www.crimestoppersmiami.com (website)

Police Services

Alarm Permit Questions (Request Permit Application) 305-474-1516 claudia.robinson@mgpdfl.org
Alarm Reduction Program Questions (Fine Payment) 877-665-2980 www.crywolf.us/miamigardensfl (website)
Auto Theft Unit Questions 305-474-1546 christopher.dee@mgpdfl.org
Burglary Unit Questions 305-474-1527 douglas.skaggs@mgpdfl.org
Community Enrichment Team Questions (Crime Watch) 305-474-1407 tiani.wright@mgpdfl.org
Explorer Program Questions 305-474-1407 tiani.wright@mgpdfl.org
Extra Watch Requests 305-474-1406 davida.murray@mgpdfl.org
Economic Crime Questions 305-474-1623 robert.williams@mgpdfl.org
Honor Guard Unit Questions 305-474-1516 claudia.robinson@mgpdfl.org
K-9 Unit Questions 305-474-1387 john.mulcahy@mgpdfl.org
Legal Unit Questions (Forfeiture Information) 305-474-1425 tiffany.britton@mgpdfl.org
Loud Music Permit Questions (Request Permit) 305-474-1413 davida.murray@mgpdfl.org
Off-Duty Employment Questions (Request Officer) 305-474-1412 cheryl.whyne@mgpdfl.org
Professional Compliance (Internal Affairs) 305-622-8059 patricia.jolly@mgpdfl.org
Property & Evidence Unit Questions 305-474-1460 PD_Property1@mgpdfl.org
Red Light Camera Questions (View Camera Video) 866-225-8875 www.violationinfo.com (website)
Recruiting (Contact Human Resources) 305-622-8030 www.miamigardens-fl.gov/human (website)
Ride-Along Program Questions (Request Form) 305-474-1406 davida.murray@mgpdfl.org
Special Victims Unit Questions 305-474-1547 elio.tamayo@mgpdfl.org
Traffic Unit Questions (Request Traffic Enforcement) 305-474-1391 william.bamford@mgpdfl.org
Training Unit Questions  (Request Speaker) 305-622-8059 patricia.jolly@mgpdfl.org

Division Contact Information

Investigations Division 305-474-1420 helen.rodriguez@mgpdfl.org
Operations Division (Uniform Patrol) 305-474-1406 davida.murray@mgpdfl.org
Support Services Division 305-474-1516 claudia.robinson@mgpdfl.org