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Investigations Division

The Investigation Division is made up of the Special Investigations Section and the Special Operations Section. Investigative units that comprise the Miami Gardens Police Department's Investigation Division are responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Miami Gardens which require a degree of specialization or a centralized investigative approach. The Investigation Division's objective is to reduce violent crime and the rate of property crime within the City of Miami Gardens. Within the Investigation Division the following units work pro-actively to identify crime trends and reduce crime: Robbery/Homicide Unit, Special Victims Unit, General Investigations Unit, Crime Suppression Teams, Gang Unit, Juvenile Unit and the Auto Theft Unit.

Homicide Unit

Homicide Investigators to respond and thoroughly investigate all violent crimes committed in the City of Miami Gardens. Investigators will respond to all Death Cases, which include Homicides, Suicides, Accidentals, Unclassified and some Naturals when needed. This is to insure that the highest quality of investigation is afforded to the citizens of Miami Gardens and that all critical evidence (physical or verbal) is gathered and processed in a timely manner which will bring about a positive result to the case being investigated.

Robbery Unit

Investigators will respond to all Robbery Incidents in order to gather critical information which is vital to the success of the case and to ultimately bring about a positive result during the prosecution phase. The thorough investigation of all Robbery/Homicide cases and their successful prosecution is the ultimate goal of the Robbery/Homicide unit.

General Investigations Unit

The Miami Gardens Police Department’s General Investigations Unit is assigned to investigate incidents within the City of Miami Gardens such as Battery, Aggravated Assault, Assault, Burglary, and Larceny. The General Investigations Unit responds to all citizen(s) complaint(s) of an investigative nature in order to maximize the effort and to have personal contact with the citizens of the City of Miami Gardens. The General Investigations Unit meets with local merchants, citizens group, church associations, local schools and civic groups to lecture and instruct on how to better safeguard their property as well as themselves against the criminal element. This effort allows for a partnership to be developed between the community and the Miami Gardens Police Department.

Special Victims Unit

The Miami Gardens Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is assigned to investigate all sexual related crimes, missing persons, child abuse/neglect, and domestic related crimes.

The Miami Gardens Police Department's Crime Suppression Teams serves as a support unit to the Department's Operations and Investigations Divisions. The teams concentrate primarily on quality of life issues and community problems with a pro-active approach to street level crime, and gang enforcement. The unit is comprised of two Sergeants and two teams of Detectives, all of whom have separate duties and responsibilities within the team. These duties include coordinating with federal, county, and state law enforcement agencies, which are aligned and dedicated to combating street level crime and targeting violent career felons within the City of Miami Gardens.

Auto Theft Unit

The Miami Gardens Police Department’s Auto Theft Unit is committed to preventing auto theft in the City of Miami Gardens. The Auto Theft Unit continues to promote using anti-theft deterrents such as ignition kill switches, collars or steering wheel lock bars, and V.I.N. etching. "Lo-Jack" has become one of the most popular after market devices to find a vehicle after it has been stolen. The Miami Gardens Police Department has 14 police cars equipped with "Lo-Jack" units to assist in locating stolen vehicles. The Auto Theft Unit uses a number of specially equipped vehicles, as well as undercover vehicles, in an effort to combat auto theft in the City. The Auto Theft Unit encourages the citizens of Miami Gardens to call the police department with not only "tips" having to do with auto crimes but all crime. Working together we will make Miami Gardens an even a better place to live.

Gang Unit

Since the incorporation of  the Miami Gardens Justice Against Gangs unit ( JAG). The members of the unit have been proactively investigating criminal street gang activities which include the apprehension of burglars, robbers and individuals wanted on active homicide cases. The unit has identified over 100 gang members who reside in the city of Miami Gardens and has also identified over 10 different active gangs. The JAG unit has worked hand and hand with the Miami Gardens department of parks and recreations in conducting truancy sweeps and gang suppression initiatives.